June 8, 2012

Amazing....! NINJA AKASAKA

I visited one of the famous restaurants in Tokyo named "NINJA AKASAKA(忍者 赤坂)" which is located in Akasaka(赤坂). That was...just amazing and joyful!!! The restaurant is totally managed by the concept of NINJA. First of all, the entrance itself is very mysterious. The wall is black and difficult to identify that this is a restaurant and there is an entrance.
Labyrinthine corridor with a Ninja
Even if we went into the entrance, there was a very tiny room. We had to wait for a while. Then, suddenly a Ninja appeared and welcomed us. The Ninja guided us to our reserved private room by going through the labyrinthine corridor with a lot of bits such as secret doors (that was fun!). After long walk, we could finally reach our room. There were many tricks in the room. In terms of food and drink, NINJA AKASAKA offers variety of choices which can accommodate all the dietary restrictions like vegetarian. All the menu is written in the hand scroll of Ninja. 
Seashell with fire!
Caesar's salad made by a lovely Ninja
Each dish was served with a kind of show which always made us surprised. Because of their great performance, I didn't expect the quality of dishes...but delicious! It is a modern Japanese with using many fresh ingredient. 
Cold starter(vinegar crab and grape fruit) with smoke!
Variety of sushi!
During eating, a magician Ninja came to our room to show his magic (we were not allowed to take pictures). And his magic was wonderful!! I carefully kept watching all his action, but couldn't notice any tricks. Amazing. We fully enjoyed three hours there losing track of time. When we left, a Ninja kindly guided us to the entrance and said good bye outside. When we started to walk, the Ninja called out and said "Please come again" having a hand scroll! It was surprising and so charming.
I enjoyed NINJA AKASAKA 100%. We ordered a lot of dishes in addition to the above pictures, but the total bill was not so expensive as we had expected even including 10% service charge. All of us were satisfied with their service and dishes. More of all, all the Ninjas could speak English and a friend from other country could also enjoyed. So, my rating is 5 out of 5. I strongly recommend you to go!

NINJA AKASAKA(忍者 赤坂)  http://www.ninjaakasaka.com/

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