June 19, 2012

A new supporter came!

A new washing and drying machine came to my house! This is a product of Toshiba (東芝) that I love their high quality home electronics. Generally, I believe we should use products as long as possible, but I have another thought regarding electronic appliances.Electronics are the field of constantly advancing and efficiency in terms of energy, cost and time is always improving. Quite often purchasing new products lead to cost and energy saving.
In addition,  I am busy for holding work and home and "time is money". The previous washing and drying machine was also Toshiba made and we used it for 7 years since my husband was single. We were satisfied with the previous one, but the newest one is super! First, very silent. Second, less electricity and water. Third, the machine does not become hot at all. The last, sophisticated finish of washed cloths and towels. It is worth for investment! I obtained a new strong supporter for my daily life! My rating is 5 out of 5. 

Toshiba ZABOON http://www.toshiba.co.jp/living/laundries/campaign/index_j.htm

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