June 4, 2012

Taking a break with a cake

I sometimes buy cakes when I achieved something (from small personal hurdles to difficult tasks at work). Maybe I would like to take a beak and....to treat myself, who made efforts in daily life. The reward should not be gorgeous. Just a piece of cake makes me happy.

Though there are several famous patisseries in my neighborhood, I bought a strawberry short cake of "ANTENOR (アンテノール)" in the department store "Matsuzakaya(松坂屋)" the other day. (Patisseries are usually closed at 19 pm, but you can buy cakes until 20 or 21pm at department stores).
ANTENOR is a big chain confectionery maker in Japan and we can find their branch shops in nearly every department store all over Japan. So, either good or bad, there is no specific feature of their cakes. But the taste is average that everyone likes. The image of their cakes is similar to shortcake, a standard cake of Japanese (that consists of sponge cake, fresh cream and strawberry and that may be existed only in Japan). Shortcake is not so sophisticated, but definitely delicious and Japanese likes!
My rating is 2.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

ANTENOR (アンテノール) http://www.antenor.jp/ 

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