June 1, 2012

Tokyo Sky Tree!

Tokyo Sky Tree(東京スカイツリー), new Tokyo Tower was officially opened two weeks ago in Oshiage (押上). The Sky Tree was built for the new radio tower in stead of the original Tokyo Tower and the height (634m) is the world best as tower. Japanese are very excited by the long-awaited opening and many people go there. Consequently, all the tickets were booked and the number of visitors is limited at this moment (today's tickets are not sold until the mid of July). 
Luckily to me, I had a chance to go up to the Sky Tree few days ago. It was soooooo wonderful!! Magnificent! Actually, I live in the 21st floor in my apartment and work in the 31st floor in my office and I am very used to the sky view of Tokyo...but, the view from the Sky Tree was very different from the ordinary ones. I had a grand view of Tokyo until the horizon. 
There is a "see-through" glass we can see from the observatory to the ground. It was so scared!! (I couldn't stand on it.)  But don't worry, security is very much ensured. You know, the Tree was not affected at all even by the massive earthquake hit Japan in March 2011. This tower is located in the congested residence district of old downtown, but no accident was happened during the construction.
See-through glass
Around Asakusa
More of all, the Sky Tree is very sophisticated with both traditional and modern atmosphere. For the elevators, Japanese lacquer is used and the inside is decorated with Japanese motifs made by local artists. But the techniques and systems are the newest. I liked such contrast of the Sky Tree. In the Sky Tree area, there are shopping mall, restaurants,  aquarium, planetarium, etc. where we can enjoy everything. As Oshiage is close to my home, I will definitely revisit the Sky Tree soon! Must go! My rating is 5 out of 5.     

Tokyo Sky Tree(東京スカイツリー) http://www.tokyo-skytree.jp/

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