June 22, 2012

Yoshoku...western dishes invented by Japanese

When we eat out, there is a category called "yoshoku(洋食)" in Japan. If I directly translate into English, yoshoku means "western dishes" but it seems existed only in Japan (though there might be similar ones in other countries). Yoshoku was invented by Japanese in the end of 19th century when Japan finished its seclusion policy and started trade with western countries. People at that time may have thought as "western people would eat this kind of cuisine..." and created new style cuisine.

I went to a yoshoku restaurant named "Gensen Yoshoku Sakurai (厳選洋食さくらい)" which is on the 7th floor a building near JR Okachimachi(御徒町) Station. There are many yoshoku restaurants around Ueno and Okachimachi since many famous artists, novelists in the 19th century who liked new things lived here. Sakurai is a relatively new one, but its skill and reputation is high. The interior is stylish. 
Beer and sparkling wine
Roll cabbage (staffed cabbage)
Mench-katsu (deep fried minced meat) 
Beef Stew
Omu rice (rice omelet)
Sakurai offers not only full portion but also half portion so that we can taste various dishes (the above pictures are half portion). The taste is definitely delicious! Even sauce is hand -made by good ingredients. The quality is high and a lot of customers are the proof of that. We ate much but our stomach did not become so heavy. It seems good even for elderly people. My rating is 4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Gensen Yoshoku Sakurai (厳選洋食さくらい) http://www.yoshoku-sakurai.com/

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