June 10, 2012

Prince Hakone, accessible resort

For people who live around Tokyo, Hakone (箱根) in the Kanawaga Prefecture(神奈川県) is one of the accessible resorts, where we can reach there in two hours. There are beautiful nature, many good ryokan(旅館)s, Japanese-style hotels with hot springs and various museums. The other day, we went to Hakone and stayed at the Prince Hakone(プリンス箱根) just in front of the Ashino Lake(芦ノ湖). From its garden, we can enjoy seeing the Lake and Mt. Fuji. The hotel does not seem so new, but renovated and maintained well. Surrounding the great nature, the hotel was very comfortable. Of course, hot spring is also available.
Ashino Lake and Mt. Fuji from the garden of the Prince Hakone
Twin room of the Prince Hakone
There are many restaurants inside and we chose "Nadaman-Goten(なだ万雅殿)", a branch of the traditional Japanese restaurant which started in 1830. As we made a reservation after check-in, we could eat from 20:30 (there are many customers). Nadaman is a traditional restaurant, but provides modern Japanese as well. The taste was very sophisticated. The portion is not so big, but we were very satisfied.
Sashimi sampler
Steamed egg-pudding with sea urchin
Japanese wagyu steak-Nadaman style-
Grilled abalone
Inaniwa-style udon
In the walking distance, there is a ropeway to go to the top of the Komagatake (駒ケ岳), a small mountain whose height is 1,327m. There are also an aquarium and a place to play with animals. We enjoy these in the very silent resort with the wonderful nature and the sophisticated service. Hot spring (public bath) is also relaxing. 

My rating on the Prince Hakone is 3.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

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