November 29, 2012

Delicious sushi near Nezu Shrine

After coming back from other countries, I'd love to eat sushi! Usually, I don't so much insist on eating Japanese dishes. Rather, I tend to taste variety of international cuisines even when I cook at home. But if I am away from home more than 10 days, I may unconsciously need some soul food. 

I went to one of favorites named "Kajiwara(かじわら)" in Nezu near my home. Kajiwara is one of famous sushi restaurant in Tokyo even though it is located in the old downtown area. Kajiwara's sushi is super cool (the chef is also handsome)! Very sophisticated. 
Inside of Kajiwara 

At night, we need at least JPY10,000 per person..but at lunch we can taste a set of sushi at JPY2,500. The taste is very distinctive. Invisible technique is amazing. Every sushi is offered at the best level. The lunch set is too reasonable considering the quality. The interior of "zen", simple and clean is also nice. I could feel as "I'm home!" by tasting wonderful sushi! My rating is 4.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Torii, gate of Nezu Shrine
Another gate with gods guardians 
No (能) play stage

Main shrine 
Now, Tokyo is very beautiful with autumn color of leaves. After eating at Kajiwara, we took a walk to the Nezu Shrine(根津神社), one of the old Shrines in Tokyo. It was...beautiful. I love autumn. Still, you can enjoy the autumn leaves. Why don't you go outside? We can have a moment of relaxation before the winter comes....


  1. Oh, I walked past that place last week, when I went to see the artist Mr Sugiyama (his sketches of local places are beautiful!) I thought the sushi place looked very stylish but expensive, so I'm glad to hear the lunch is reasonable! I went to Imojin for anmitsu, but I'll try the sushi next time!

  2. Meibutsu san, many thanks for revisiting! Yes, Mr Sugiyama is famous(sometimes TV programs introduce his sketches of Tokyo old downtown).
    What a coincidence! Maybe you passed by the sushi restaurant while I was eating inside. I strongly recommend Kajiwara to you! Lunch is reasonable!