November 4, 2012

Unmistakable Japanese cuisine...Nadaman

As I had several coupons of Nadaman(なだ万, see the previous post), I went to one of their branches in the Imperial Hotel(帝国ホテル). The coupons were issued for helping rehabilitation of the devastated areas of the massive earthquake of last year. If we use it, several amounts are to be deducted and the deduction will be donated to the rehabilitation funds. I like this kind of win-win support. I can easily participate and continue. I can be a help while I enjoy myself.
Entrance of Nadaman in the Imperial Hotel
Beer and green tea 
Ginjyo sake of Nadaman label 
Steamed pine mushrooms with rich bouillon 
Fresh bonito sashimis
Boiled herring and seasonal vegetables
Grilled cod (saikyo-yaki style) 
Steamed rice with fresh sermon 
Sermon rice and miso soup 
Creme Brule and tea 
Nadaman is an established restaurant since the early 19th century. Truly, you can enjoy good Japanese cuisine there. Delicious. Every essence of Japanese food is presented in their dishes. We can feel the season through eating seasonal ingredients and seeing the decoration. Moreover, it seems we won't get weight even eat a lot here. The ingredients used for Japanese cuisine are very healthy and oil is used very few. But each dish has explicit flavor thanks to the delicate technique. 

Only a problem might be the price. Not inexpensive. We can eat set meal from JPY12,000 at night. Though we can be convinced ourselves considering the dishes, service and location. I can't go so often, but sometimes I' d love to taste Nadaman. My rating is 4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Nadaman(なだ万 帝国ホテル東京)

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