November 5, 2012

Well-known dipping ramen shop in Sendagi

"Tsukemen TETSU(つけ麺TETSU)" in Sendagi(千駄木) is one of the popular dipping ramen shops in Tokyo. The shop is very small that 10 people may sit. Even so, the fame is prevalent. People come from everywhere and make a queue. Nowadays, NIssin(日清), a big food processing company sells retort pouch dipping ramens by using the name of Tsukemen TETSU for family use.   
Tsukemen TETSU
Tsukemen, dipping ramen for lunch
We also had to wait for 20 minutes to enter around 3pm on Sunday. TETSU offers different types of dipping ramen for lunch and dinner. At lunch, we can eat thick noodle with soup made of fish and pork while we can taste thin noodle with fish and chicken soup.The taste was very nice! Perfect. I felt everything is well contained in the rich soup. I fully understood why TETSU is so popular. People must be addicted.   

If we continue eating, the soup becomes cold. So, we can ask "baked stone" which can make the soup hot again. This performance is also very interesting. Anyhow, it is worth for waiting. The portion is big enough. The volume of noodle might be 200g per person (I couldn't eat up...).  Next time, I'd love to taste the dinner ramen! My rating is 4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Tsukemen TETSU(つけ麺TETSU)

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