November 6, 2012

Reasonable Edomae Sushi in Nezu

Just near the Tokyo Metro Nezu(根津) Station and along the Shinobazu Street(不忍通り), there is a sushi restaurant named "Hukumaru(福丸)." This is neither a posh sushi restaurant that we are nervous on the price, attitude, etc., nor a cheap rolling sushi restaurant that price and quality are so-so. We can reasonably eat orthodox Edomae sushi.
Sushi Fukumaru
Sushi counter in Fukumaru
Lunch set superior 
Fukumaru is not so large and ran by only a chef and his wife. They have two lunch sets; normal(JPY1,450) and superior(JPY1,990). We ordered superior. It was good. In particular, tuna was delicious. The tasting of sermon caviar was well balanced. Rolled egg was properly made with bouillon and shrimp. The portion of each piece of sushi rice is bigger than average. We can be very full by the lunch set.  

If you feel to taste sushi at a local restaurant without caring the cost, this kind of individual sushi restaurant is recommendable. Much better than rolling sushi chains. My rating is 2.6 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!


  1. Hi,
    Talking about the area of Nezu, would you know the address of Koyu (an isakaya) in Nezu. How can i get there from the metro station? How far, by taxi, is Nezu located (from downtown)? Thanks

  2. Thank you for your inquiry.
    Koyu(呼友)is quite close to Nezu Station of Chiyoda-Line. It would take only few minutes. If you get off at Nezu, please go out from the exit 1. As you can see "Yoshinoya", beef bowl chain just in front of you on the ground, please go to Yoshinoya as a start point. Then,go straight on the Shhinobazu Street(不忍通り) until the communicy center named "Fureai-kan(ふれあい館)"(the other side, there is a police station)." If you find Fureai-kan, turn right to a small street. If you walk straight on the small street, you will see Koyu on your right side. Hope you will find and enjoy good time there!