November 28, 2012

What I ate in Manila

Though I couldn't take all the pictures of food I ate during the stay in Manila, I would like to introduce some...

1. At an inside restaurant of "Oceanrium", an aquarium located in the bay side. St. Miguel, local beer of the Philippines was light and good!
Restaurant in "Oceanrium"
Local beer "St. Miguel"
Laksa, Malaysian noodle
2. Local fried chicken chain "Max's." Max's is the first local restaurant which serves fried chicken other than KFC. I saw Max's branches all over Manila. As the price seems reasonable and the taste is nice, I understood the popularity. 
Head restaurant of "Max's"
Inside of "Max's"
Fried noodle
Fried chicken 
Fried fish 
3. Another fried chicken chain. I found people in the Philippines really love fried chicken...or fried something...:) The taste was good but a bit salty and strong...
Another fried chicken chain "Bon CHON"
Fried chicken bowl...the taste was strong...
4. A Japanese restaurant named "Akitaya" near "Little Tokyo" area in Manila. Akitaya offers specialties of northern part of Japan such as kiritanpo hot pot that we don't eat so often even in Tokyo. The taste was quite close to the authentic ones. 
Seafood with vinegar 
Kiritanpo hot pot 
Tofu steak 
5. A Thai dishes restaurant in a shopping mall. Fresh fruits juice was really nice! Restaurants in malls are clean and stylish that we can be relaxed. 
Entrance of Thai dishes restaurant 
 Tom yan kun and fresh juices 
Fried vegetables 
6. A posh Japanese-Korean buffet restaurant in a shopping mall near EDSA Shangri-la. Japanese cuisine seemed very popular in the Philippines. I saw sushi everywhere. Sometimes mango is an ingredient of sushi. This kind of customization is a proof of real popularity:)
Entrance of the Japanese-Korean restaurant 
Buffet 2
7.  A local seafood restaurant. All dishes are served on banana leaves and we can eat by hand:) I really enjoyed both their presentation and taste! Very recommendable!
The seafood restaurant 
Seafood platter 1
St. Miguel beer 
Seafood platter 2
 I was full and happy with delicious foods in Manila. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

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