November 29, 2012

Delicious sushi near Nezu Shrine

After coming back from other countries, I'd love to eat sushi! Usually, I don't so much insist on eating Japanese dishes. Rather, I tend to taste variety of international cuisines even when I cook at home. But if I am away from home more than 10 days, I may unconsciously need some soul food. 

I went to one of favorites named "Kajiwara(かじわら)" in Nezu near my home. Kajiwara is one of famous sushi restaurant in Tokyo even though it is located in the old downtown area. Kajiwara's sushi is super cool (the chef is also handsome)! Very sophisticated. 
Inside of Kajiwara 

At night, we need at least JPY10,000 per person..but at lunch we can taste a set of sushi at JPY2,500. The taste is very distinctive. Invisible technique is amazing. Every sushi is offered at the best level. The lunch set is too reasonable considering the quality. The interior of "zen", simple and clean is also nice. I could feel as "I'm home!" by tasting wonderful sushi! My rating is 4.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Torii, gate of Nezu Shrine
Another gate with gods guardians 
No (能) play stage

Main shrine 
Now, Tokyo is very beautiful with autumn color of leaves. After eating at Kajiwara, we took a walk to the Nezu Shrine(根津神社), one of the old Shrines in Tokyo. It was...beautiful. I love autumn. Still, you can enjoy the autumn leaves. Why don't you go outside? We can have a moment of relaxation before the winter comes....

November 28, 2012

What I ate in Manila

Though I couldn't take all the pictures of food I ate during the stay in Manila, I would like to introduce some...

1. At an inside restaurant of "Oceanrium", an aquarium located in the bay side. St. Miguel, local beer of the Philippines was light and good!
Restaurant in "Oceanrium"
Local beer "St. Miguel"
Laksa, Malaysian noodle
2. Local fried chicken chain "Max's." Max's is the first local restaurant which serves fried chicken other than KFC. I saw Max's branches all over Manila. As the price seems reasonable and the taste is nice, I understood the popularity. 
Head restaurant of "Max's"
Inside of "Max's"
Fried noodle
Fried chicken 
Fried fish 
3. Another fried chicken chain. I found people in the Philippines really love fried chicken...or fried something...:) The taste was good but a bit salty and strong...
Another fried chicken chain "Bon CHON"
Fried chicken bowl...the taste was strong...
4. A Japanese restaurant named "Akitaya" near "Little Tokyo" area in Manila. Akitaya offers specialties of northern part of Japan such as kiritanpo hot pot that we don't eat so often even in Tokyo. The taste was quite close to the authentic ones. 
Seafood with vinegar 
Kiritanpo hot pot 
Tofu steak 
5. A Thai dishes restaurant in a shopping mall. Fresh fruits juice was really nice! Restaurants in malls are clean and stylish that we can be relaxed. 
Entrance of Thai dishes restaurant 
 Tom yan kun and fresh juices 
Fried vegetables 
6. A posh Japanese-Korean buffet restaurant in a shopping mall near EDSA Shangri-la. Japanese cuisine seemed very popular in the Philippines. I saw sushi everywhere. Sometimes mango is an ingredient of sushi. This kind of customization is a proof of real popularity:)
Entrance of the Japanese-Korean restaurant 
Buffet 2
7.  A local seafood restaurant. All dishes are served on banana leaves and we can eat by hand:) I really enjoyed both their presentation and taste! Very recommendable!
The seafood restaurant 
Seafood platter 1
St. Miguel beer 
Seafood platter 2
 I was full and happy with delicious foods in Manila. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

November 25, 2012

Stay in Manila

It has been a while since I last updated this blog...definitely I don't stop keeping my eating records, but I I had no enough time as I had been staying in Manila, Philippines in days. Different from the current Tokyo that is now shifting to winter, Manila was hot with around 30 Celsius degree and squall. Thanks to the hot weather and plenty of tropical fruits, I was very fine and enjoyed staying/eating in Manila:)

I stayed at EDSA Shangri-la Manila, located in a business district. Even so, it was a convenient place as there are several big shopping malls, super markets, etc. around the hotel. Sometimes, the electricity and internet access were suddenly cut off in the hotel that stopped my work and mosquitoes biting me were a bit annoying, however, my stay at Shangr-la was comfortable all in all.
EDSA Shangri-la Manila
Inside of standard room 
Inside of standard room 2
Room service (mushroom soup and clubhouse sandwich)
Price is reasonable for both accommodation and restaurants in EDSA Shangri-la. Their buffet restaurant named "HEAT" had variety of choice such as western, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc. Even if you have any dietary restriction, you would find something to eat there! Chefs and staff are friendly. Breakfast is also served at HEAT and I asked to cook an omelet every morning. The freshly-made omelet gave me a great power for work!
Inside of "HEAT"
Chinese dishes 
Roasted beef 
Bread and sushi corner 
If you are finding a hotel in Mania, EDSA Shangri-la is recommendable. Their security level seemed higher than other hotels. Bomb-detection dogs checked every car and our bags and bodies were examined every time. Guests are allowed to go only to the floor of own room located. Safety first! 

EDSA Shangri-la Manila