May 6, 2012

Beef barbecue (Yakiniku)!

I went to a yakiniku (barbecue) restaurant named "Tansei(炭聖)" which recently opened near my house. It takes around 5 minutes walk from the nearest station Nezu on the Chiyoda Line. The restaurant is located on the second floor of an apartment and the interior decorating is modern and chic. Most of the staff is young and friendly. They kindly took our jackets in an another room to prevent barbecue's smell on our belongings.

First, we ordered beer (JPY500) s and an assorted kimuchi, korean style hot pickles (JPY780). Kimuchi seems to be marinated with seafood soup and very flavorful, not too spicy. Three types of source were served; from the left, soy source with wasabi, lemon with salt and Tansei special salty-sweet source.  
Tansei special salad costed JPY750. The portion is big enough for two and fried garlic made it very nice.

Then, barbecue started! We first tasted simple beef calvi with salt (JPY1,500) . The wagyu, Japanese-produced beef is super!! The taste is needless to say but it melted in the mouth! Other beefs such as prime beef round (JPY1,500), outside skirt (JPY980) were also tender and delicious!! 
If you have never tasted wagyu, I strongly recommend you to try it!  

In the Tansei, we can grill beefs on the cray charcoal stove by ourselves on each table (see the above). I believe this style made beefs even more delicious cause excess oil of beefs are automatically removed on the grid and the charcoal fire grills the beefs slowly and produces them tasty. 
Even beefs get burned, so nice!

I feel so happy to find such a high-quality but reasonable restaurant at my door!The atmosphere is nice and casual so that we can easily go even alone.

My rating is 3.8 out of 5.

("I really enjoyed the meal" in Japanese.)   

Yakiniku Tansei (焼肉 炭聖)                                             

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