May 6, 2012

Dan dan noodle of Mao's family

There is a small Chinese noodle shop, 5 minutes walk from the Sendagi station on the Chiyoda line (I can come on foot in 15 minutes from my home). The name is Mao's family noodle shop (毛家麺店) and its exterior and interior are decorated with Mao Tsetung. It seems not because of ideology but of fashion. A Chinese couple cooks and serves but the owner is a Japanese. Though the shop is small and would be crowded with 10 people, there are always customers. 
The exterior of Mao's family noodle shop
The most popular dish is "dan dan noodle (坦々麺)" at JPY880.  I suppose the noodle is different from the original in China and it is modified to suit Japanese taste. But the taste is so nice, focusing not only on pungency but also on sweetness and sourness. Peanuts paste is likely used for the base of the soup, which makes it rich and creamy. The noodle is thin and easy to eat. This dan dan noodle is distinguished and worth to go!

But other dishes are average. If you go to the shop, eating the dan dan noodle is the best answer! My rating is 2 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!  
Mao's family noodle shop (毛家麺店)

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