May 7, 2012

Nepali-Indian food in old downtown

In the neighborhood of my house, there are many ethnic restaurants, particularly Indian, in spite of the old downtown of Tokyo. This might be because a lot of people from various countries live around here and Japanese like new and different things. Japanese tend to easily accept things from other countries if they deem worthy. 

Thus, I can easily taste diverse foods at my door. For example, "mirmire(ミルミレ)" in Sendagi. This is a Nepali-Indian restaurant, whose cook is a Nepali woman speaking fluent Japanese. As it is located on a small street, we need to be careful not to pass by. The inside is decorated by Nepali sundry goods and accessories that we can also buy there. Only looking at those goods is interesting while dishes are prepared. 

As for food, it seems much spices are used both in soup and curry, but the taste is not so hot but mild and sophisticated. Delicious! Oil is less used comparing to other Indian restaurants and healthy. But considering that the portion is not so big, the price is a bit higher than average. My rating is 2.8 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Spicy tomato soup (JPY800) and Samosa (JPY400)
Spinach and cheese curry (JPY950) and Butter-nan (JPY300)  

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