May 23, 2012

Dream hamburger delivery

In Hongo (本郷), 15 minutes walk from my house, there is a very famous hamburger shop named "Fire House (ファイアーハウス)."  Thanks to the big fame, many people always make a queue in front of the shop and we have to wait patiently for delicious hamburgers. But! Fire House has a delivery service and we can taste their hamburgers at home!! It is a dream, isn't it?  

While I do favorite things or housework for 30 minutes, the hamburgers arrive at home! The left is an avocado burger (JPY1,100) and the right is a bacon cheese burger (JPY1,200), our regular order. Yummy, yummy!! Actually, very tasty! Considering the great taste and delivery service, the price is very reasonable. Strong recommend! 

My rating is 4.2 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Fire House (ファイアーハウス)

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