May 6, 2012

I LOVE shabu shabu!

I know this is sudden but, I love shabu shabu!! Shabu shabu is one of the Japanese hot pots using thinly sliced meat (mainly beef) with various vegetables. Excess oil is removed in a hot pot and beef becomes refreshing. Eating such beef with a ponzu and/or sesame sauce is amazing!    

So, let me introduce "Kisoji(木曽路)", one of my favorite Japanese restaurants where we can enjoy high quality of shabu shabu (sukiyaki also) at reasonable price. Kisoji is a chain restaurant all around Japan and I usually go to one branch near the Ueno Station on JR line.Kisoji is always full with customers and reservation is indispensable. All female staff puts kimono and their service is always excellent. A small appetizer was vinegared firefly squid. 
We also ordered a sashimi sampler at JPY2,800. The display is beautiful and sashimi itself is of course fresh! Did you notice? A spray of cherry blossom is also added.
Look at this beautiful wagyu beef...! Needless to say, it melted in the mouth.. so happy! A course of shabu shabu at the second level costs JPY5,000 per person. After shabu shabu, noodle, steamed rice with pickles and dessert are also served. I believe anybody could be full and satisfied with the meal and service.
My rating is 4.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!
"Kisoji, Ueno(木曽路 上野店)"

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