May 8, 2012

Specialty of Mont St. Mitchel in Tokyo

In the Tokyo International Forum located between the Tokyo and Yurakucho Stations on JR line, a branch of a famous French restaurant was opened. The name is "Mere Pulard (メール・プラール)", whose head restaurant is in Mont St. Mitchel, one of the world heritage in France. The Mere Pulard is very famous there, but I couldn't taste its specialty when I and my parents traveled to Mont St. Mitchel many years ago.  So, when I and my hubby went shopping to Ginza, we tried Mere Pulard. 

This is the specialty! A big omelet using egg white and the texture is like a souffle. As salty taste is not so strong, some selective side dishes are served together such as creamed spinach, roasted mushrooms, fois gras saute, etc. Appetizer, chips or a salad and coffee are also inclusive.
The taste is nice, but we got a bit tired eating the omelet due to the big portion. One omelet for two persons would be enough and it seems better to order other dishes. We ordered boiled mussels with white wine for another main dish. For appetizer, scallops and soup de poissons (french fish soup). The soup is very rich and distinct. I'd love to revisit Mere Pulard to taste the soup!

The price is approx. JPY2,000 per person. Very reasonable! Interior is fashionable and suitable for branch, date or casual dinner. A glass of beer/wine costs from JPY700 and some bottles of wines are also available from JPY2,500. My rating is 3 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Mere Pulard (メール・プラール)       

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