May 26, 2012

Gave my heart to GAGA

Last weekend, I and my sister went to LADY GAGA's "THE BORN THIS WAY BALL" held in Tokyo. That was....just incredible. I shook with emotion by her great performance and strong message (still, I' m deeply impressed and excited). No matter what, GAGA was cool, sweet and generous.  The stage set and dancers were also gorgeous, but only GAGA's presence stood out. I tried to catch all she tried to convey to us. I kept jumping, shouting, and dancing for more than 2 hours with GAGA and did not feel fatigue at all. That was special and happy moment for me.
Because of her fashion, it seems some people would see her as a freak or sexy icon (actually I saw news her lives were cancelled or protested in some other countries). But it is not true at all. Rather, I felt she is a very pure and serious women who likes music and has a strong faith. While she kept singing and dancing, she talked to us many times to express her message and feeling to her fans. She repeatedly told as that we should be confident as all of us are unique, special and perfect just as we are and we can be/do anything if we try best. Also, she showed repeatedly concern for Japanese who were affected by the big earthquake and tsunami last year. I cried. 

I recalled memories that after the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, people other than Japanese left Japan and nobody came to Japan in fear of aftershocks and nuclear plants affect. Even so, only GAGA came to Japan to cheer us up and her positive attitude consoled us so much. Either it was volunteer or commercial, we were very encouraged in fact and her action should be rewarded.

On her stage, I felt she really wanted to convey her condolence and support to people. Though her song and performance were super cool, such her generosity made me touched and I gave my heart to GAGA.

 As I wanted to keep my memory fresh and just wanted to feel GAGA, I didn't take any picture or video. At the same time, I would like to share her great performance with others as much as possible. From You tube, please check and feel....

GAGA, please come back soon to Japan. Can't wait for the next ball....


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