May 8, 2012

Convenient Japanese dining in Ibaraki

I and my hubby regularly try to have an opportunity to eat out with both parents so that we can share each current status and enhance our good relationship. The other day, we ate together at a Japanese dining named "Yahichi (弥七)" in the south part of Ibaraki prefecture, suburb of Tokyo, my hometown. It takes around 50 minutes from Tokyo to there by train. 

Yashichi is a modern dining whose BGM is jazz, but we can enjoy full-blown Japanese with wide variety of menu. We can use Yashichi as you like... as Izakaya, as sushi bar, for business-entertaining, etc. Comparing to Tokyo, the price is definitely more reasonable. Though we had ordered many dishes and alcohol until we became full, cost per person was approx. JPY4,000. We could use a Japanese-style private room free of charge without limitation. Thanks to that, we had a very nice time there! Small down points are we can't use credit card at Yashichi and the pace of service is a bit slow.

My rating is 3 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!
Yahichi (弥七)

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