September 7, 2013

Amazing tempura chain

I knew the name, but I haven't had chance to visit "TEMPURA TENDON TENY (天ぷら 天丼 てんや)" until recently. Maybe because I had an image that men go to the shop. But it was not true at all! Many women also enjoyed dishes, and most of all, it is too good for men to dominate such a nice one! As you see, inside is like a nice woody cafe. Even if you are alone, no need to hesitate to enter.
Tendon, miso soup and pickles
Tempura and soba 
TENYA is a fast food chain specifically of tempura, but you can order after checking menus at table in a same manner at restaurants. They fry tempura after each order and we can taste just-made crispy tempura. It was more than expectation! A tendon, namely tempura bowl was very nice. Crispy tempura with salty-sweet sauce on rice was just tasty.

As I repeatedly wrote, Japanese dishes restaurants are usually divided into each specialty, like sushi, shabu shabu, tempura, soba, etc., respectively. And if you go to tempura a restaurant where chefs fry tempura just in front of you, you need to pay JPY5,000 at lunch and JPY10,000 at dinner...It is so nice and I should not compare, but eating at TENYA is very valuable. If your budget is small and you think going to McDonald's in Japan, please try TENYA!    


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