September 13, 2013

Marriage of Chinese and French dishes in Asakusa

I had a small gathering at an interesting restaurant named "Karakurenai (唐紅花)" in Asakusa View Hotel (浅草ビューホテル). The concept of this restaurant seems Chinese dishes, but they also serve French dishes together. Usually, such trial does not work so well, but Karakurenai succeeded. Whatever the concept is, every dishes was tasty. 
Karakurenai with nice view of Sky Tree
Assorted starter
Shark's fin soup with snow crab
Beijing duck
Foie gras saute
Grilled homard
Beef streak
Fried noodle with seafood and vegetable
Dandan noodle
Japanese-style curry using wagyu beef
Almond jelly
Creme caramel 
The first three dishes were Chinese. Chinese starter, shark's fin soup and Beijing duck. The soup was mild but profound taste. Crispy but juicy Beijing duck was nice. After having sorbet for refreshing the mouth, foie gras saute came, but there was no feeling of strangeness. Main dishes I chose was grilled homard, which was very fresh and tasty. Even after the main dish, we can select noodle or rice. I chose....Japanese-style curry using wagyu beef:) It was no longer either Chinese or French, but delicious. They would serve anything dainty. 

In addition to the dishes, the atmosphere was very nice. As you can see, the night view was magnificent. We enjoyed the illuminated Sky Tree. It might be good for date and I saw several couples. Asakusa View Hotel itself is a bit old, but this restaurant floor has been renovated well. The set meal we ordered was JPY8,000, but basic set meal is available from JPY5,000 at night. My rating is 4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Karakurenai (唐紅花)

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