September 24, 2013

Fine Italian restaurant in Ginza

For a small party to celebrate a wedding of a colleague, I made a reservation of an Italian restaurant named "IL PINOLO (イルピノーロ)" along the Chuo-Street (中央通り) of Ginza (銀座). The restaurant has a good access to metro where everyone easily come and their price setting was suitable to budget. On the other hand, I was a bit worried about the portion as I memorized it was not big enough when visited several years ago. But as a result, needless fear!
Pea soup with smoked pancetta
Assorted starter
Fresh pasta of aglio e olio peperoncino with egg plant 
Wagyu steak a la Rossini
Happy Wedding!!
Black tea
At lunch time on weekday, all the seats were fully occupied. Men and women, young and old enjoyed the lunch. I understood the popularity of this restaurant. In spite of the nice location and snappy interior,  quality of dishes is high as a whole, service is cheerful but price is reasonable. The set meal comprising a soup, a starter, a pasta, a main dish and a dessert/tea costs JPY3,500. In addition, we could choose a glass of sparkling wine or fresh orange juice. 

As for the dishes, aglio e olio peperoncino using fresh pasta and egg plant was delicious. Usually, pasta in a set meal is served a little, but here, I could be also satisfied with the portion. Main dish, Lossini steak was wonderful. Combination of tender, tasty wagyu and rich foie gras was perfect. Rich sauce made the taste more profound. Service was also good. They gifted a small bouquet to the main guest. Everyone was happy. My rating is 4.0 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

IL PINOLO (イルピノーロ)

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