September 1, 2013

Popular takoyaki chain

Takoyaki, octopus dumpling is a popular fast food originally from Osaka (大阪) that everyone likes. You can find takoyaki stands around every corner of malls, amusement facilities, shopping street, etc. In Tokyo, the most popular takoyaki chain is "Tsukiji Gindako (築地銀だこ)." Their branches are all over Japan and it seems they also have their branches in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.
"Gindako" cafe
Different from ordinary takoyaki, their takoyaki is fried by non-cholesterol oil after being toasted. Accordingly, inside texture is soft while outside is crispy. Chopped octopus contained inside is fresh and tasty. Combination with mustard mayonnaise is perfect. Even if you haven't tasted takoyaki, I believe most people would get to love it. Must try if you come to Japan. One basic takoyaki set costs JPY550. My rating is 3.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Tsukiji Gindako (築地銀だこ)

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