September 4, 2013

Indian restaurant in Jinbocho which receives media exposure

"MANDARA (マンダラ)" is a popular old-line Indian restaurant in the basement of a building near the Jinbocho (神保町) metro station. Jinbocho is old book shop district as well as curry town. Curry includes not only Indian curry but also Japanese curry and others. Among many curry shops, MANDARA is famous as an old restaurant which Indian chefs cook authentic curry. Often, gourmet TV programs introduce their curry. 
Entrance of "MANDALA"
Kingfisher beer
Curry, naan, rice with tandoori chicken and shish kebab
Singha beer
Before, my office was temporarily located in Jinbocho and I used to enjoy lunch of MANDARA with colleagues. After so long, I visited for branch. Even at late lunch time, 80% of tables were occupied. A set meal comprising a curry, a naan, saffron rice, tandoori chicken shish kebab and yogurt costs JPY1,575. 

The most popular curry here is chicken butter masala which uses tomato and rich cream. The taste was....good but not so impressive as my memory...Maybe Indian chefs changed? Before, the taste was more rich and complex. But now the taste of tomato is strong..And naan was too thick and some part was just like block of flour. 

Even so, of course the taste itself is not bad and above than average. But their fame might be the one of past. My rating is 2.6 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

MANDARA (マンダラ)     

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