September 1, 2013

Cost-effective French in Akasaka

When I had a small luncheon with colleagues, a colleague found a nice cost-effective French restaurant called "Kaeriyama (かえりやま)" in Akasaka (赤坂), near the metro station of "Tameike-Sanno (溜池山王)."  Kaeriyama is ranked high in a popular gourmet site and it was true to the reputation.
Small restaurant "Kaeriyama"
Marinated seafood and vegetable 
Soup of pumpkin
Pie containing Japanese seaperch
Vanilla ice cream and creme brulee 
The restaurant itself is small and occupied by many customers. The distance between tables is close, but I didn't care so much. As dishes as well as service was nice, we could concentrate on favorable lunch. Their popular dish might be a pie containing white fish (fish is changed daily). Well burnt pie with rich butter, plain Japanese seaperch and creme based sauce were well balanced.  The big portion made us full. Hand-made bread was also good. Dessert, creme brulee and rich vanilla ice cream were dainty, too. The lunch set meal comprising a starter, a soup, a main dish, a dessert and coffee was JPY2,500. My rating is 4.0 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Kaeriyama (かえりやま)

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