September 13, 2013

Branch of Michelin two star ristorante in Nihonbashi

In Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi (日本橋三越), an original store of the most historical and posh department store, there is a branch of "RISTORANTE ASO (リストランテ アソ)" which has won two Michelin stars in Tokyo. The name is "ASO Celeste (アソ チェレステ)." Similar to the elegant atmosphere of Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, the restaurant was also chic. It was not like in a department store. 
ASO Celeste
Fresh scallop with asparagus cream
Foie gras saute with variety of corn
Bread and whip butter
Spaghetti with mussel and botargo 
Spaghetti with snow crab and field mustard
Hamburg using Japanese wagyu beef
Grilled porgy with minestrone 
Assorted dessert
Mont blanc
Lunch was superb. The taste was more than expectation. Foie gras saute with corn was wonderful. Usually, foie gras is cooked with sweet fruits to highlight the taste, but using sweet corn was also matched well. Corn was cooked in several ways, and among them, caramel pop corn made the taste more rich. Spaghetti was also very tasty. Combination with mussel and botargo was perfect.

As for main dish, hamburg using wagyu beef was impressive. We can directly enjoy the strong taste of wagyu beef. As the size is small, I wanted to eat more...Even dessert was more than average. Even tiramisu or mont blanc, standard desserts, were very sophisticated. It was amazing that this nice meal is available at JPY3,800 at lunch in a department store. I will revisit. My rating is 4.4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

ASO Celeste (アソ チェレステ)    

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