July 23, 2012

A French restaurant protected by a sacred tree

Near the crossroads of Hongo(本郷) 3 chome, there is a french restaurant called "PASIBLE(ページブル)." Just in front of PASIBLE, a camphor tree whose age is more than 600 years stands as if it protects the restaurant. The tree is sacred according to our native religion "Sinto(神道)" and as a proof, it has rope of sacred straw around the trunk, used to indicate the sacred areas where gods descend.    
Outside of PASIBLE with a sacred tree
From the inside of PASIBLE
Interior of PASIBLE

Jellied fall vegetables and lobster
Foie gras rolled by Helmeted Guineafowl
Veal stew in Milanese style
Beef stew sanded with mashed potato
Assorted dessert
Thanks to the big sacred tree, we were very relaxed in sitting the PASIBLE. A madam of this restaurant was very generous, which more contributed to the cozy atmosphere. Dishes were good, but a bit less impacted. The flavor was mild and it did not leave strong impression on us. But I believe such mild dishes are also the feature of PASIBLE, where local customers including the elderly come to enjoy eating in peace. The price is not so expensive. My rating is 2.7 out of 5. Goshiso-samadeshita!

PASIBLE(ページブル) http://paisible.jp/

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