July 25, 2012


Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese dishes that uses an iron griddle to cook fresh meat, seafood, vegetables, etc. in front of customers' very eyes. Recently this style is quite popular all over the world and I have seen many restaurants in big cities. The other day, I tried one named "Go (濠)" in the PALACE HOTEL TOKYO(パレスホテル東京), which is located in front of the Imperial Palace(皇居) and has been reopened since this May. 
table setting with champagne and beer
soup using fresh asparagus
Fresh salad
fresh ingredients to be cooked on the iron griddle
A cook is cooking just in front of us
Grilled fish with sea weed 
Wagyu beef steaks!

Garlic fried rice and miso soup

The good things of Teppanyaki are being relaxed in private space, enjoy talking with a cook and seeing the live performance of cooking! Our room's seats are only 6 in maximum. As we arrived a bit late from the lunch time, we could dominate the room by ourselves and freely chatted with the deputy chief cook who was a kind and funny guy but very good at cooking! All the ingredients were fresh and of high quality. The taste was definitely very much delicious! Delicate, distinctive and impressive. I was happy to be alive... Particularly wagyu beef was super. The price is not so inexpensive and at least one person needs around JPY10,000 at lunch including some beverage. But worth for it! My rating is 4.5 out of 5. Goshiso-samadeshita!

PALACE HOTEL TOKYO(パレスホテル東京) http://www.palacehoteltokyo.com/en/ourhotel/


  1. People always want to stay at there where they can get best facilities in affordable rate and some natural environment.

  2. Thanks a lot for your first comment!
    Yes, you are right. PALACE HOTEL is a bit expensive, but seems worth for paying considering its very new facilities and good location. The verdant Imperial Palace is really beautiful. Otemachi is a business district, but access to anywhere is convenient.

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