July 12, 2012

Soft-served ice cream on the Tokyo Sky Tree

Most people have not yet been to the Tokyo Sky Tree(東京スカイツリー), the tallest tower in the world since its opening in the end of May, but I had an opportunity to go there again! (am I lucky enough?) The first visit was in the daytime when I could see Tokyo clearly. This time, I went in the early evening when I enjoyed watching both nightfall and night view, though it was a bit cloudy.  
Tokyo Sky Tree
Group photo at the second observatory
Soft-served ice cream!
Inside decoration of elevator (motif is "fireworks in Tokyo")
Even second time, the visit was magnificent and impressive! As I had time, I could see carefully every detail and direction of Tokyo view over eating soft-served ice cream! It was... so nice! The taste is rich and milky. Additionally, I felt eating ice cream on such a special venue is more than two times delicious than the one on the ground. It was a really good time. Actually I am scared of heights, but I fully enjoyed. Must go! 

Tokyo Sky Tree(東京スカイツリー) http://www.tokyo-skytree.jp/en/ 

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