July 27, 2012

Popcorn at cinema

The other day, I had an errand to do and went to Kinshicho (錦糸町), where I seldom go. After finishing it, I found a cinema complex in a shopping mall near the station and watched a movie of "BERSERK(ベルセルク)."
Tokyo Sky Tree from the Kinshicho station
Cinema complex "TOHO CINEMAS"
Caramel popcorn
As I am busy, I haven't had chance to go cinema recently and watched movies through DVD at home. So, I was excited just to be at cinema after long and bought caramel popcorn. The taste was good with combination of caramel and salt, though I couldn't eat it up at all! Indeed, watching movie at theater was much better than DVD! Visual, sound, atmosphere! More importantly, I could fully concentrate on the movie. 

BERSERK was so exciting. It is actually an animated feature film (in Japan, animated feature films are not only for children but also for everyone including adults. We see them as one of the arts and ways of expression which are equivalent to novel, movie, etc. and accordingly, a lot of creative stories are coming from the animations.)  By chance, I got to know BERSERK lately and was impressed by its magnificent story. The movie is trilogy and the one I watched is the second one. The last one will be released in winter.

I heard BERSERK is very popular and the original comics have sold more than 31 millions all over the world. The first hurdle might be high to watch if you are not used to animated films, but I am convinced you will enjoy it! 

 BERSERK http://www.berserkfilm.com/index.php

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