July 3, 2012

Korean dishes in Yushima

The biggest Korean town In Tokyo is located in Shin-Okubo(新大久保) but there is also a small Korean town in Ueno(上野). Accordingly, we can easily find Korean restaurants around Ueno. The other day, I tried one named "Hanari (ハンアリ)" near the Yushima(湯島) Station, whose head restaurant is in Shin-Okubo and introduced through the media.
Side dishes (we can order without limitation.)
Grilled meat and kimuchi
Vegetable and leek hot salad 
Hot pot with tofu and seafood
Hot rice cake with cheese
The specialty of Hanari is barbecue which a waitress kindly cooks everything and we can just eat grilled meat. Garlic and kimuchi (Korean's sour pickled cabbage) are also grilled together with the meat and the smell stimulates our appetite. If we order one dish, several side dishes are soon served and we can order them without ceiling. Vegetable and salad are also prepared so that we can eat them with meat. Thanks to the vegetable, the oil of meat is a bit alleviated. But, the taste would be average as a whole. Not bad, but not so special. Price is reasonable. As there are billions and billions of bars and pubs where men enjoy drinking with women around the area, I saw male customers had dinner with women working for those pubs. Observing such various couples was also interesting. My rating is 2.3 out of 5.Gochiso-samadeshita!

Hanari (ハンアリ) http://r.gnavi.co.jp/gah9301/

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