July 20, 2012

Modern Japanese dishes in casual Nadaman

A casual branch of Nadaman (なだ万, see the previous post) called "San Applause(讃アプローズ)" is located on the mezzanine level of Imperial Hotel (帝国ホテル) in Hibiya (日比谷). Nadaman is a traditional Japanese restaurant which started in 1830 and nowadays has many branches in major cities in Asia.
Chic interior of  San Applause Nadaman
Tasty beer and champagne 
Main dishes and tempura
Steamed rice with corn and miso soup
Dessert 1 (ice cream with bean jam, coconut, tapioca and syrup) 
Dessert 2 (creme brulee with ice cream and bean jam) 
Due to the location(at the corner on the mezzanine), it is a bit difficult to find San Applause Nadaman in the Hotel and accordingly we could enter without reservation. The atmosphere is modern, chic and tranquil. From the window I sat nearby, I could enjoy seeing bullet trains (shinkansen, 新幹線) of Nozomi (のぞみ) which come and go between Tokyo and western Japan such as Kyoto, Osaka, etc. 

The quality of dishes was just as expected of Nadaman and the quality of service was also just as expected of the Imperial Hotel! Everything was delicious though they tried to make dishes modern and creative by incorporating the elements/tequniques of other cuisines. For instance, I found coconut and sweet chili were used for the sauce of tempura and it was indeed good. Even beer was so nice, I suppose the way of making beer itself and condition of stocked beer would be good. But the price at lunch time is not so expensive. Value for money. My rating is 4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

San Applause(讃アプローズ) http://www.imperialhotel.co.jp/e/tokyo/restaurant/50    

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