July 21, 2012

Green tea soft ice cream of Kyoto tea shop

During shopping in LUMINE Yurakucho (ルミネ有楽町), a fashion shopping mall, I tasted a green tea soft ice cream of Kyo-Hayashiya (京はやしや).
Kyo-Hayashiya is a green tea producing company which was originally started in Kanazawa (金沢) in 1753 and then, their third President moved to and opened a shop in Kyoto (京都)). Recently Kyo-Hayashiya has developed business of cafes and shops selling green tea sweets in many places. The green tea soft ice cream was so nice! The balance of sweetness is very good and the flavor of green tea is fresh. The base of ice cream is milky enough which made the taste rich. So happy. My rating is 3.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Kyo-Hayashiya (京はやしや) http://www.kyo-hayashiya.com/index.html 


  1. i think it seems fake, its color must be more green, in my country we name it "imitation food" so it is not prefered in turkey, CMT

  2. Many thanks for your comment!

    Does it seem fake? But it is actually real. To be precise, it is made of "Matcha", fine green tea powder whose color is brighter green than green tea itself (see the following).


    Come to here and taste it!