September 15, 2012

Casual Italian in Kasumigaseki

On the second floor of a building in Kasumigaseki (霞が関), business district where offices of ministries are located, there is a casual Italian restaurant named "Mia Angela(ミアアンジェラ)." Its head restaurant seems to be located in Hokkaido(北海道), which is famous as agriculture and livestock raising and the natural taste using Hokkaido's rich ingredients would be their strength.
Entrance of Mia Angela
Salad and focaccia 
Pasta with tomato
Grilled fish with vegetables
Cold nougat and iced coffee 
At lunch, we can have a set meal comprising salad, focassia, pasta, main dish, dessert and coffee/tea at only JPY1,500. The taste is not bad. Most dishes are cooked simple for highlighting good ingredients. Even so, pasta, one of their specialties as Italian restaurant is so average (or some of them are below average). I noticed they cook pasta at once for many customers for saving cost, and accordingly the taste is not so fixed.

Meantime, considering the reasonable price at the very center of Tokyo, it would be acceptable. The interior is chic and good for chatting over lunch. My rating is 2.4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Mia Angela(ミアアンジェラ)  

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