September 23, 2012

Chinese restaurant in Kasumigaseki that creates lines

If you are working around Kasumigaseki (霞が関) area, you must be knowing a Chinese restaurant named "Iwaen(頤和園)" whose specialty is a dan-dan noodle(坦々麺). At lunch time, people rush to Iwaen not to make a queue, but you can see long lines around 12:00pm and have to wait.
Entrance of Iwaen (people are waiting to enter!)
Inside of Iwaen
Iwaen's specialty, dan-dan noodle
The Kasumigaseki branch was opened several years ago and the interior is still new and chic. As most people order the dan-dan noodle, it is quickly served. The soup is very mild and creamy with rich sesame. Chili is used only a little, not hot at all. It's a distinctive taste that we can't experience other than Iwaen. Only a problem is that I found the taste is very sometimes a bit different (because of difference of chefs? or cause they cook many people's noodle at once?). 

Other dishes are also nice but average. If you go to Iwaen, it would be better to taste the dan-dan noodle. My rating is 3 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!


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