September 19, 2012

Joint birthday party at a fancy Chinese chain

On the weekend, I had a joint birthday party (including mine!) at a branch of "Ginza Aster(銀座アスター)", Chinese chain restaurant. It was a great time with good foods and pleasant chatting. We ate sooo much and the below pictures are evidence:)
Exterior of Ginza Aster
Private room

Almond jelly
Big birthday cake!!
Even though Ginza Aster is a chain restaurant, their status is more than average..a bit higher-grade. We can use it for the purpose of business and party since the taste and service are nice. All the dishes such as various starters, soup with shark's fin, Beijing duck, dumpling, fried vegetables, fried shrimps, boiled sweet pork, fried rice and almond jelly were sophisticated and tasty. The taste is not so strong but gentle. 

We were very full...but a surprised big cake was also coming in the end! Thanks to the surprise, we found another space in stomach and could ate the cake. We enjoyed the party 120%. The price is not so expensive comparing to the quality and quantity of the set meal. My rating is 4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Ginza Aster(銀座アスター)

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