September 17, 2012

On my birthday eve at Turkish restaurant

Coincidentally, on the eve of my birthday, I went to a Turkish restaurant named "SARAY(サライ)" in Akasaka(赤坂). SARAY has been opened since one year ago and it seems to be a popular lunch spot in Akasaka. Inside is still new and stylish though it is located in the basement of a building. Chef and waiters seem Turkish people who can fluently speak Japanese.
Inside of "SARAI"
Soup of lentil and fresh beer
Dessert  (kind of pudding) 
Belly dance!
Dancing in the very narrow space!
Surprised birthday cake!
A set meal is available from around JPY3,000 per person at night. The set meal consists on only popular dishes like boregi and kabab, which anybody can easily take. The taste is not so distinctive but delicious averagely. The portion might not be big enough for men. 

All-you-can-drink(including wine) for JPY1,900. I tasted raki, Turkish traditional alcohol for the first time. The alcohol content is 40 -50% and the smell of anise is very strong. I don't personally like it so much, but it was a good experience.   

At Wednesday and Friday nights, belly dance performance is held. Around 20:30pm, suddenly the performance started. As the restaurant is not so large, the dancer was dancing just next to us and it had a tremendous impact! The dancer invited customers to dance together in the very narrow restaurant:). The sexy dance was interesting. 

After that, surprisingly, a birthday cake was coming for me...and I couldn't promptly understand it was for my birthday. Generous colleagues arranged such a wonderful surprise! They also kindly prepared some gifts. I was sooooo impressed and it was a really nice eve. Thanks a million!

So, with the good memory, my rating is 4 out of 5 (without it, it might be 3). Gochiso-samadeshita!


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