September 18, 2012

Celebration of birthday

A few days ago, it was my birthday. Getting old is not always welcoming:), but it was the happiest day in a year all in all. My father says "you are now the youngest in your incoming life." Warm messages from family, friends, colleagues, etc. were really wonderful gift for me. Many, many thanks.

For celebrating the day, I went to a Teppanyaki restaurant called "Sekishin-tei (石心亭)" of Hotel New Otani (ホテルニューオータニ). Sekishin-tei is located in the Japanese garden of New Otani and the atmosphere surrounded by woods is nice. In the sexanglular shaped restaurant, the center is kitchen where chefs are cooking and customers are sitting a counter with iron plate.   
Japanese garden of Hotel New Otani
Inside of "Sekishin-tei"
Table setting with champagne 
Fresh foie gras
Cooking of foie gras
Grilled foie gras
Fresh abalone and Japanese spiny lobster 
Cooking of abalone and  Japanese spiny lobster 
Grilled abalone and  Japanese spiny lobster
Palate freshener  
Salad with  sweet chestnut dressing
Wagyu beef!!
Cooking of wagyu beef
Grilled beef (sooooo delicious!)
Grilled fresh vegetables
Garlic fried rice and miso soup
Another room for dessert 
vanilla ice cream with hot cherry sauce
Japanese-style savarin
Birthday cake!
At night, all the seats were occupied (so popular). A chef is in charge of each customer and conversation with the chef was so interesting. Selection of ingredients to be cooked was also fun by asking his wide knowledge. Each time before cooking, he showed the fresh ingredients and started to cook. His great performance and smell just in front of us stimulated  appetite so much.

As you can see the above photos, quality of ingredients is high and the taste is definitely wonderful. Anybody can be happy. In addition, sauces served with dishes are varied and creative. For instance, I saw a plate made by rock salt for grilled beef for the first time. Here, eating itself is kind of entertainment. At any hand, everything from starter to garlic rice was so delicious.

For dessert, we need to move to another separated restaurant. As others already left, we could dominate the room. Dessert was also nice. Particularly, mine, combination of cold ice cream and hot cherry sauce was good. And a birthday cake was also coming! I was very full...body and soul. 

Service is excellent. We can enjoy the performance and taste in a relaxed manner. The set meal is available from JPY15,750 per person at night. If you want to taste abalone, etc., you need more to pay. It is worth for paying. My rating is 4.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

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