September 19, 2012

Chestnuts sweets of Kano-Shojyuan

Kano-shojyuan(叶 匠壽庵) is one of my favorite Japanese sweets confectionery companies whose head office is located in Shiga(滋賀) Prefecture. They offer seasonal sweets monthly as well as standard sweets and it is my small pleasure. We are now approaching to autumn and the current seasonal item is "Kurikinton(くりきんとん)", a sweet made of fresh chestnuts paste. Whenever I taste it, I can feel the fall.
Kuri-yokan (chestnuts jelly)
Kurikinton is always sold soon everyday and it is difficult for us to find it already in the afternoon. Luckily to me, I got one the other day and I tasted it for the first time since last year. It was very nice as usual! Even if you are not used to Japanese sweets, you could enjoy the taste! So delicate and better than real chestnuts! Kuri-yokan, their new item was also nice.

I can be always happy with sweets of Kano-shojyuan. My rating for Kurikinton is 5 out of 5. Goshiso-samadeshita!

Kano-shojyuan(叶 匠壽庵)

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