September 3, 2012

Popular Indian dishes among women

Near the JR Okachimachi(御徒町) Station, there is a South Indian restaurant called "Andhra Kitchen (アーンドラ・キッチン) " which has obtained a name through word of mouth on the web. The restaurant is located on the semi-underground in a building and not so large for 20 customers at a miximum. At a night when we visited, many female customers including individual woman enjoyed eating.
Exterior of Andhra Kitchen
Inside of Andhra Kitchen
Dosa, crepe made of rice flour 
Sheek Kabab 
Fish Tikka
Two types of curry and naan
The atmosphere of Andhra Kitchen is casual and a waiter is kind and very chatty, that anyone can enter and be relaxed even alone. Reasonable variety of set meals seemed to attract female customers (though we ordered from a la carte menu). For instance, a set of four different curries, rice, naan and some side dishes is around JPY 2,000. 

What I liked was a dosa, thin crepe made of rice flour. The taste and its distinctive texture was really nice. I suppose few Indian restaurants in Japan likely provide dosa. On the other hand, other standard menus like curry, naan and grilled ones are average. If you want to try South Indian dishes or a bit different ones like dosa, Andhra Kitchen might be recommendable.

The waiter is always trying to talk to each customer and it greatly contributed to a cheerful and good atmosphere. I felt that service is more than the taste. My rating is 2.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Andhra Kitchen (アーンドラ・キッチン)

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