September 24, 2012

Sushi chain in a department store in Ueno

While I am taking a walk around home, I sometimes go to Marui department store in Ueno(上野) and do shopping. After shopping if we find hungry, some restaurants are available inside the Marui. One option is "Sushi Tsune(寿し常)", a sushi chain in Kanto(関東) area. The interior is modern. Chefs are very open-minded. Different from high-ranked sushi restaurants, everyone can easily enter.
Entrance of "Sushi Tsune"
Counter table just in front of show-case of fresh sushi ingredients 
Fresh sashimi platter 
Fried tofu with bouillon soup
Grilled ayu
Lotus root tempura
Tuna sushi 
Grilled conger sushi
Crab paste sushi
Sea urchin sushi 
Miso soup 
In the center of restaurant, there is a big aquarium in which fishes for sushi and sashimi are fed and around the aquarium, there is a open-kitchen and a counter table. If you want to see the chefs' performance of cooking, sitting at the counter is better.

Not only variety of sushis, but also a lot of seasonal dishes are offered at reasonable price. The quality of sushis and dishes is more than average. It's really nice to have such delicious dishes not worrying about the price. Moreover, chatting with friendly chefs made the taste much better. The warm and casual atmosphere is nice. 

Ueno is one of the entrance stration from the Tokyo International Airport, and Marui is just in front of the Ueno Station. If you are not confident to find suitable sushi restaurants, Sushi Tsune might be recommendable. They prepare menu books with pictures.Chefs were also trying to communicate with foreign customers in English.

I was satisfied with the good cost-performance. My rating is 3 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Sushi Tsune(寿し常)

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