December 24, 2012

Enchanting ryokan in Kinugawa

If you go to Nikko, it is recommendable to stay in ryokan, Japanese-style hotel in the Kunugawa hot spring area(鬼怒川温泉郷). As you see in the below pictures, Kinugawa in the season of autumn color was very beautiful. I couldn't be tired of continually seeing the scenery. The enchanting view with fresh air purified my feeling.  Kinugawa River cruise is a touristic spot not to miss! The boatman was joking us, and it was very fun.
Kinugawa view from the terrace of Bettei Sasane
Kinugawa River

Kinugawa River cruise 
The ryokan called "Wakatake-no-Sho, Bettei Sasane(若竹の庄 別邸笹音)" along the Kinuagawa River was very fascinating. When we approached the ryokan, the staff members were waiting for us outside! Moreover, they kindly upgraded my room to their best suit room! The room was traditional Japanese room with a private big hot spring. It was...comfortable! Even in the washroom or on the floor, there were heaters so that we didn't feel chilly. The private hot spring was super! I took this more than five times during the stay.
A tatami-style corridor in my staying room 
Main room
Private hot spring attached to my room
The Bettei Sasane's dinner (as well as breakfast) was wonderful. The meals are served in a private room in the ryotei restaurant. The menu was composed by fish, meat and vegetable in a balanced manner. The taste was definitely good. It is equivalent to the level of posh Japanese restaurants. The decoration of Fall and various plates used for each dish were beautiful.  
Japanese sake
Sashimi platter and soup
Crab and dried bean curd sushi(left) and Japanese gratine(right)
Grilled scallop and beef steak
Beef for shabu shabu
Vinegared mizuna (left) and tempura (right)
Rice and miso soup 
Green tea mousse 
 My rating is 4 out of 5 for Bettei Sasane. Staying cost per person is from JPY35,000 including room, hot spring and two meals. Considering the high quality of food, service and own hot spring bath, the price is quite adequate. I love this kind of Japanese resort:)

Wakatake-no-Sho, Bettei Sasane(若竹の庄 別邸笹音)


  1. Is this your plan for Christmas? It seems very nice.

  2. It was not for Christmas, but very pleasant short trip!
    I strongly recommend the ryokan with a private hot spring.
    What was your plan? Merry Christmas!!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I will go one day after all the work.
      This year, I worked during Christmas Eve and Christmas so I'm just relaxing at home for now.

  3. Otsukaresamadesu for your work! Actually, Christmas is for staying at home with family, isn't it? I did not eat out either and cooked by myself on Christmas as the price is always risen 1.5 or 2 times higher than usual:)