December 11, 2012

On a morning that I got up early...

As I woke up early in a morning, I decided to have a breakfast outside and to walk for two-three stations on the way to the office. Currently autumn leaves have been very beautiful that I can keep walking by enjoying them. Particularly, yellow gingko threes are glorious (though sometimes smelly...). I was fascinated by the autumn colors with some historical buildings around Ochanomizu(御茶ノ水) such as the Yusima Seido(湯島聖堂), Nikorai-do(ニコライ堂), etc.  
Yushima Seido (Tokugawa Bureaucrats training center)
Gingko trees around Ochanomizu Station
Nikorai-do (Japanese orthodox church) 

Cheese burger and spiced hot tea
After so long, I went to "FRESHNESS BURGER(フレッシュネスバーガー)", a Japanese hamburger chain. When I was a student, I loved this chain and thought their burgers very delicious. Their taste and price are higher than those of mega chains like McDonald's. Each item of both hamburgers and drinks costs from JPY300. In this morning, I ordered a cheese burger and a spiced hot tea. It takes a bit time to be served as each burger is cooked only after the order.

The first taste in a long while was...not bad but not so impressive as in my memory. In particular, the taste of bread seemed not so good. Maybe my sense of taste has been improved by tasting many good hamburgers at the specialty shops...My rating is 2 out of 5. But! I still love the FRESHNESS BURGER, the taste of my youth. Gochiso-samadeshita!


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