December 25, 2012

Glittering Tokyo!

I like this glittering season. We can see many beautiful illuminations all over not only Tokyo but also Japan. Christmas is just a seasonal event here. No religious meaning for most people. That is Japaneseness. This country always adopts only positive or useful aspects of concepts outside. So, in Christmas...we enjoy gift exchange(or children wait for Santa Claus) and gorgeous dinner!
Tokyo Sky Tree became a Christmas tree!
Popular Christmas tree of Mikimoto
Building itself is rapped as a gift
Marunouchi street with illuminations 
Tokyo main Station
Tokyo hikari vision (projection mapping 3D show)
The glittering city eased up our chilly feeling in winter. Sometimes, some people criticize this seasonal event, but I appreciate it in a positive manner. Whoever Santa Cruise is, everybody can be happy to receive gift other than birthday:) Moreover, this kind of event boosts consumption! You know, Japanese are very careful people who don't use money and like saving. So, it is good for economic stimulus as well:) Enjoy your day! 

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