December 6, 2012

Simple cakes of posh fruits shop

Have you heard the name of "Senbikiya(千疋屋)? Senbikiya is the most famous and posh fruits shop in Japan. They started business in 1834 and have established the fame by selling high quality fruits. Their shops are like branded or jewelry shops. The price is also similar.Their cheapest melon costs JPY10,500! I found an interesting article of BBC reporting Japanese obsession to sweet fruits and Senbikiya.

Currently, you can find three Senbikiyas, which are Senbikiya-sohonten(千疋屋総本店), Kyobashi-Senbikiya(京橋千疋屋) and Ginza Senbikiya(銀座千疋屋). The first one is the original Senbikiya whose status is the highest and located in Nihonbashi(日本橋). The latter two Senbikiyas are another companies set up by the original Senbikiya's master. 

In a department store near my house, a cake shop of Kyobashi-Senbikiya was recently opened. In my impression, Kyobashi-Senbikiya is the most casual among three. I bought two cakes. One was a melon bavarois and the other was a banana cake. Both of them were quite simple to highlight the taste of fresh fruits and used less sugar. We could eat cake in a same feeling of eating fruits. Comparing to professional cake shops, the taste is a bit less sophisticated, but I also like this simple cake of the fruits shop. My rating is 2.4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!


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