December 18, 2012

Italian near Gingko trees along Gaien-Street

One of the famous Gingko trees in Tokyo is the ones along the Gaien-Street(外苑通り). Though I went there to see the autumn color on weekend, I couldn't enjoy so much due to the crowds of people....So, with a new attitude, I went to an Italian restaurant called "Ristranti SABATINI Aoyama (リストランティ サバティーニ 青山)."  This is a branch whose head restaurant is located in Rome, Italy sicen 1958.
Gingko trees of Gaien-Street 
Ristranti SABATINI
Waiting room
Main dining room 
Assorted appetizer 
Soup of mushroom 
Seafood tomato spaghetti 
Beef streak 
Grilled lamb 
Crema catalana
The restaurant is on the underground, but there is a wider and more gorgeous space than expectation, thanks to the high ceiling and chic interior. Most of waiters are more than middle-aged gentlemen, who gave stability to the restaurant (surprisingly, they kindly invited us some alcohol in apology for having made us wait for long).  

The taste is conventional in a good sense. Orthodox dishes were cooked with good ingredients and by classical method. If you prefer modern Italian cuisine, SAVATINI might not be so recommendable. But you can spend graceful time there. Lunch is available from JPY2,600 and a set meal we ate consisting of a starter, a soup, a pasta, a main dish, a dessert and tea/coffee costs JPY3,800. My rating is 3.4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Ristranti SABATINI Aoyama (リストランティ サバティーニ 青山)

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