December 9, 2012

Orthodox French in Tameike-sanno

On a smell street in Tameike-sanno (溜池山王), there is an orthodox French bistro named "Bistro Bonne Femme (ビストロボンファム)."  Though their concept is bistro, the atmosphere and taste are those of restaurant. Only price is reasonable as bistro. Whenever I visit, there are always full of customers. 
Bistro Bonne Femme
Interior of Bistro Bonne Femme 
Various mushroom pie
Grilled porgy 
Tart tatan and fruits salad
Their lunch is available from JPY2,100. In spite of the reasonable price, we can select a starter and a main dish among various options. The mushroom pie I chose was tasty with mouth-filling aroma of mushrooms and crispy pie. The grilled porgy using champagne sauce was also good. 

Moreover, what pleases us was dessert! Around ten desserts are brought by a wagon in front of each customer and we can select two among them. The presentation made us so excited! Value for money. All of us were satisfied with the lunch at Bonne Femme. My rating is 3.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Bistro Bonne Femme (ビストロボンファム) 

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