December 9, 2012

October Fest in Tokyo Dome

On last Saturday, I went to ”Super October Fest(スーパーオクトーバーフェスト)" held in the Tokyo Dome(東京ドーム) in Korakuen(後楽園). October Fest is a German beer festival which has been organized in Tokyo since 10 years ago. Usually, the Fest is held outside, but this time we can taste beer warm inside(it was good!). The entrance fee was JPY1,300 per person. Each beer costed around JPY1,000.
Around the Tokyo Dome
Tokyo Dome
October Fest!!
Beer sellers 
German sausages 
German beer 
As you can see, there were too many people...!!! I realized how Japanese love beer. If you have come to Japan, you know that Japanese always order beer at drinking party. I'm also a beer lover (but I can't drink so much as I easily get full because of carbonation). 

So, it was a really exciting event. The problem was long lines everywhere. I wanted to taste fresh local beer, but I had to wait for one hour only for getting a beer...! Definitely I gave up, but many people were waiting. How patient Japanese are...

The white beer of FLENSBURGER that I drunk was good! The taste was similar to Hoegaarden. Fruity, fresh and light. It was a bit pity not to taste so many beers due to the congestion, but I enjoyed the atmosphere of the Fest! Gochiso-samadeshita!

October Fest(スーパーオクトーバーフェスト東京ドーム)

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