December 23, 2012

Pizzeria where you can taste Napolitan pizzas of a contest champion

In the nightlife and restaurant area in Yushima(湯島), I found a pizzeria which was opened in June 2012. The name is "FANTASISTA (ファンタジスタ)," one of their chefs won the Napolitan pizza contest in Japan in 2012 organized by the Association of Veritable Napolitan Pizza(ASSOCIAZIONE VERACE PIZZA NAPOLETANA, 真のナポリピッツア協会).
Entrance of "FANTASISTA"
Inside of "FANTASISTA"
Glasses of red and white wine 
Pizza Margherita (JPY1,380)
Spaghetti with porcini cream sauce (JPY1,650)
By good fortune, we could enter without reservation, but it was the last table! All tables were fully occupied. In spite of the location, I saw several only women's groups inside. Maybe because of the cheerful and clean atmosphere of this restaurant. Price is all reasonable so that we can easily try. A pizza Margherita costs JPY1,380.

After tasting oysters, we ordered just a pizza Margerita and a spaghetti with porcini cream sauce. As you can see, the portion was big. To be honest, there was no specific feature as the champion's pizza, but the taste and texture were good in a nominal way. The center of pizza is thin, but the crust is chewy and crispy with burnt savory aroma. The spaghetti was unexpectedly impressive because of the rich and sharp taste of cream sauce with porcini. 

Though I didn't taste other starters, main dishes, etc, but my rating for the both items is 3.6 out of 5. The balance of taste, portion and price are good. Gochiso-samadeshita!

FANTASISTA (ファンタジスタ)   

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